Calistoga Ranch

Calistoga, California

Calistoga Ranch is one of Napa Valley’s premier destination resorts.  Located in a beautiful up-valley canyon, the 157-acre resort utilizes a clever modular construction plan with each guest unit comprised of from one to four ‘park modules’ custom-built offsite and finished in place, with connecting outdoor decks and outdoor shower gardens.  Dave Roche was part of the team at JCA that brought together the land owner and developer, and developed the resort’s original master plan.  Dave personally located each of the 46 Guest Lodges and 15 Owner Lodges on site to maximize views to the lake, creek and surrounding ridges and create privacy for each unit. To keep a light touch on the land and preserve the existing rock outcroppings and trees,  the trees often pass right through the decks.  More recently, Roche+Roche helped design and locate the Vineyard Venue, a tented pavilion available for weddings and events.

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