Groth Vineyards and Winery

Oakville, California

Nestled on the floor of the Napa Valley, framed by the Mayacamas to the west and the Vaca mountain range to the east, family-owned Groth Vineyards and Winery lies in the Oakville AVA. Originally designed by the late architect Bob Gianelli, one of Napa’s most prolific architects, the Spanish-style winery is clothed in salmon stucco and ornate tile roofs.

Beginning in 2006, Roche+Roche was retained to renovate and enhance the existing landscape. The team embarked upon a long-term effort to augment the largely interior hospitality space with numerous outdoor tasting experiences.

To improve the guest arrival sequence, the design team relocated the parking area to separate it from winery truck traffic. Relocating a dozen existing Olives, and supplementing with new field-grown specimens, the trees were reorganized into a more orderly orchard. Bands of Slender Veldt Grass alternate with broad swaths of Rosemary, Lavendar, and Hummingbird Mint, selected to harmonize with the winery’s predominant color. The Roche+Roche-designed insectary garden creates a welcoming environment for beneficial birds, reptiles and insects that support the health of the vineyards, while also providing a distinctive outdoor destination for winery guests.

As part of their ongoing work to augment the outdoor experience, Roche+Roche enhanced the existing VIP tasting room with a landscaped outdoor gathering space, designed a stand-up tasting pavilion in the insectary garden,  and created outdoor break areas for winery employees. Additional projects in the works include new entry gates, and improved outdoor tasting terraces.

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Landscape Construction:  Bertotti Landscaping, Inc.

Photography:  Courtesy of Groth Vineyards